Monthly Pilot Profile - December
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Name of the July Pilot
Jonathan Dickson

  About Jonny UMMMMMMMM....cant really write about myself.. All i can say is ive done my first Auto and that a picture of me whilst driving a speed boat... or maybe not

  More About Jonny Mr.Circuit Man.
Jonny fears certain characters yet to be talked about like this one in this website. Meet THE WILF. He is a celebratey in several area in the UK. This picture doesnt really say much for him. But its Bloody funny.
Favourite Move
Stall Turn

  Jonnys Helicopter The yet to perform Caliber 30. Additional: metal Mixer arms, OS 32SXH Engine, Sab 550mm Carbon Blades, Thunder Tiger TG8000 Gyro. Its Great!!

Caliber 30 - OS32 SXH